In METER I SEKUNDET / THE LAND OF SHORT SENTENCES (2023), Marie’s life gets turned upside down when love of her life, Rasmus, takes on a new teaching position at Vestjyllands Højskole. Slightly reluctant, Marie leaves her life in Copenhagen behind to join him.

Nordisk Film Production is producing the start-studded and eagerly awaited film adaption of the bestselling winner of The Golden Laurel METER I SEKUNDET. Released in May 2020, the multi-award winning novel by Stine Pilgaard was an immediate success with both reviewers and the public and has currently sold over 150.000 copies.

Shooting started March 21st on location in Velling close to Ringkøbing on the western shores of Jutland. The film will premiere on February 2nd 2023. 

The story
Marie’s life is turned upside down when the love of her life, Rasmus, takes on a new teaching position at Vestjyllands Højskole. Slightly reluctant, Marie leaves her life in Copenhagen behind to join him. Rasmus is quickly integrated into the local ways, while imaginative Marie suffers from the cultural shock of the new surroundings and time and time again proves herself a misfit in the small town of Velling. When Marie slowly begins to listen more and talk less, she realizes that she just might need Velling as much as Velling needs her.

Meter i Sekundet is a warmhearted film about settling into the land of short sentences and fitting into one’s own self. A modern comedy about the longing to fit in and belong, that is so acute for the one standing outside a community looking in.

Starring Sofie Torp
Sofie Torp plays the dominating lead as Marie, who follows her boyfriend Rasmus to Velling and becomes the local newspaper column editor. Sofie Torp’s professional breakthrough came with the premiere of Niels Arden Oplev’s Held for Ransom (Ser du månen, Daniel?) in 2019. Since then, she has appeared in the Christmas chronicle Julefeber on DR1, played the part of Rose in the Department Q film The Marco Effect (Marco-effekten), and is soon to be seen in Anders W. Berthelsen’s debut rom-com The Joy of Serendipity (Lykkelige omstændigheder). Those who have listened to the audiobook edition of Meter i Sekundet might remember, that it is actually Sofie Torp that narrates the book. Now cinema audiences have the opportunity to experience her in live action.

In the part of Marie’s patient boyfriend, Rasmus, is Thomas Hwan. He played the detective Alf Ryberg in all three seasons of DR1 drama Follow the money (Bedrag) and has also had significant parts in the Robert-winning audience success Persona non grata (Hvor kragerne vender) and tv-series such as The Chestnut Man (Kastaniemanden), Limboland, and Fantomforhold.

A stellar line up completes the cast with Lotte Andersen playing the part of the school’s head mistress; Bodil Jørgensen in the role of daycare mom Maj-Britt; Bjarne Henriksen as Maj-Britt’s husband Bent; Maria Rossing as eco-teacher Tone; Johanne Louise Schmidt as the driving instructor Mona; Rikke Bilde as ceramics teacher Githa; Christian Tafdrup as Sebastian; Anders Agger as Anders Agger as well as Berenth Mosendane, Arian Kashef, Jakob Garde, Nina Terese Rask, Aya Grann and Lasse Dein as some of the school students.

The creative team
Helle Joof, the director of the massive successful films Shake it all about (En kort, en lang), Oh Happy Day, Almost Perfect (Sover Dolly på ryggen?), All Inclusive, and Happy Ending, is directing; Jenny Lund Madsen and Ida Maria Rydén have co-written the script; Kim Høgh is DOP, and production design is made by Mette Rio.

METER I SEKUNDET is produced by Nordisk Film Production by producers Camilla Hammerich and Trin Hjortkjær Thomsen with support from The Danish Film Institute’s Market Scheme, DR, Ringkøbing Skjern Kommune and DVF. The film is distributed by Nordisk Film Distribution.