Laura Frederikke Kragholm

Laura Frederikke Kragholm

Associate Producer | Nordisk Film Series

Laura Frederikke Kragholm has build her career within Nordisk Film Production. She started as a Producer Assistant and after two years in the position went on to become a Junior Producer before obtaining her current position as an Associate Producer at Nordisk Film Series.

Laura went to European Film College for a one-year film foundation programme.


Producer – Kald Mig Far / Call Me Dad (series)
Writer: Søren Felbo
Director: Christian Dyekjær

Producer – Jomfruer fra Rummet / Space Virgins (feature)
Writer: Thomas Glud
Director: Peter Molde-Amelung

Co-producer – Charter (feature)
Writer & Director: Amanda Kernell

Producer – Kaldet / A Calling (short)
Writer & Director: Christian Bengtson

Producer – Jagtsæson / Hunting Season (feature)
Writers: Claudia Boderke & Lars Mering
Director: Tilde Harkamp

Producer Assistant – DNA / Kidnapping (series)
Creator: Torleif Hoppe
Director: Kasper Gaardsøe

Junior Producer – Vild Sommer / Crazy Summer (series)
Writers: Christian Bengtson, Christina Øster og Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen
Director: Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen

Producer Assistant – Før Frosten / Before the Frost (feature)
Writers: Jesper Fink & Michael Noer
Director: Michael Noer

Producer Assistant – Unge Astrid / Becoming Astrid (feature)
Writers: Kim Fupz Aakeson & Pernille Fischer Christensen
Director: Pernille Fisher Christensen