Mie & Johannes på Planet 9


KOMETERNES JUL / COSMIC CHRISTMAS (2021) takes us on an adventurous journey through time and space. Four kids are grouped up at the Astro-camp they are attending, when by accident two of them are teleported to the distant Planet 9. From each of their corners of the universe, the four youngsters must work together against time, natural laws and a sly tech guru in order to reunite before it is too late.

A Christmas tale that invites families on a cosmic journey through time and space

On the first day of December, Mie (12), Johannes (12), Elias (13), and Noor (13) all show up at a camp to attend a two-week course on astrophysics. The Astro-camp is led by the enthusiastic Bolette-Henriette and the daily curriculum is managed by the slightly distracted physics teacher Panda-Søren.

The four children are paired up for an intro-run across campus, but quickly find themselves lost in the research department in the secret basement: a place that is absolutely off limits for the young students. Here they come across a mysterious machine and when Mie and Johannes try out its workings, they suddenly disappear without leaving a trace. Noor and Elias are faced with the ultimate challenge to bring back their friends: a quest that seems almost impossible, especially when they realize that Mie and Johannes have been teleported to the distant Planet 9.

Planet 9
On Planet 9, as by magic, Mie and Johannes have become seven years older. The now 19-year-old teenagers meet the local inhabitants of the planet. Big and hairy aliens, the “9sers” are creatures who live in total harmony with the fragile ecosystem of their planet.

A sci-fi Christmas tale
For the two kids left on Earth problems sore day by day as they try to find a way to bring Mie and Johannes safely back to earth. Their quest is not made any easier by having to keep it a secret to the inquisitive Bolette-Henriette and their increasingly worried parents. In an adventurous sci-fi fairytale across time and space, children and adults across the solar system fight to save themselves - and the “9sers” before Christmas Eve.

Kick-off to the Year of Science 22
The family Christmas series, written by Jenny Lund Madsen and directed by Ask Hasselbalch, kicked of the “Year of Science 22” initiative, that aims to support the general scientific education of the Danes. While the series was screened on TV2 throughout the first 24 days of December 2021, the Niels Bohr Institute launched the exhibition The Universe Beyond (Universet Udenom), that offers children and adults a chance to investigate the real world of astrophysics.

KOMETERNES JUL and UNIVERSET UDENOM was made in collaboration between TV2, Nordisk Film Series and the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen and was supported by VILLUM FONDEN, Novo Nordisk Fonden, Poul Due Jensens Fond and Bitten & Mads Clausen’s Fond.